How Many Vacation Days Do You Get Per Year as a Union Carpenter?How many vacation days do you get per year as a union carpenter? Do you know the vacation day policy for union carpenters? These are important questions to ask, especially if you want to be able to take vacation time during your career.



In this blog post, we will discuss how many vacation days union carpenters get and the vacation day policies of some major organizations in the United States.

We start off with the vacation days for carpenters who work at a union scale. Union carpenter vacation day policy changes depending on what type of construction you're involved in and your seniority level within that specific trade.

This is because there are different rules when it comes to how many vacation days per year you will be eligible for based on what you do and how long you have been in that specific trade.

  • The answer to this question is dependent on the union carpenter's specific contract

  • Union carpenters are usually paid hourly, and their hours vary depending on the type of work they do

  • In general, most union carpenters get a set amount of vacation days per year (usually 10)

  • These days can be used for any purpose - vacations, sick leave, or personal time off

  • Some unions even offer benefits like dental insurance and retirement plans to their members

  • And some provide health insurance as well

If your vacation days are all figured into the union scale, and then consider these vacation day policies:

  • If you work as a carpenter for heavy construction (such as building or renovating large buildings) then vacation time is more flexible than if you were to work in residential construction.

  •  Carpenters who are more experienced will have vacation days allotted to them throughout the year, while carpenters with less experience will not receive vacation time until they've been at their job for a few years.

  • Union carpenter vacation day policy changes depending on what type of construction you're involved in and your experience level.

What holidays do carpenters get off?

  • Carpenters are given vacation time for Christmas, New Year's Day, and the Fourth of July.

  • Memorial Day isn't a federal holiday but in many states, it is considered a state vacation day so that carpenter can have two weeks off from work instead of one week on and one week off.

  • Carpenter vacation policy is governed by the collective bargaining agreement that was set up when you were first hired.
    The vacation days of union carpenters vary depending on a variety of factors such as experience level and type of construction they're involved in.



Do Union carpenters give you Two Weeks of Vacation?

  • Union carpenters get vacation days for Christmas, New Year's Day, and the Fourth of July.
  • You can use these vacation days during any other time in the year with your employer's approval.
  • Generally, you will not receive two weeks off if you are a union carpenter but that is determined by what type of construction you are involved in.
  • For example, union carpenters who work on commercial buildings might get vacation days to cover July Fourth and three weeks of vacation time while those working on residential buildings may not get a single day off for vacation because they won't be busy during the summer months.

What is a typical vacation policy?

Union carpenter's vacation policy is specific to the type of work they do. Some union carpenters vacation policies may be:

  • If you are a residential builder, your vacation days will not usually get more than one or two weeks off per year if at all. This can also depend on what region and state you are in.

  • If you work on commercial buildings, your vacation days will typically be around four weeks off per year after one year of service.

Is President's Day a carpenters union holiday?

  • President's Day is not a carpenters union holiday.



Union Contracts for vacation days

When it comes to negotiating a union contract, there are two parties involved: the employee and their employer. The goal of this negotiation is for both sides to be able to come up with an agreement that will suit them well enough throughout the employment term so as not only to create contentment but also to allow issue-solving in case anything ever arises.

One way you can make sure your negotiations go smoothly and efficiently without any major bumps or hiccups along the road would be by taking note of what issues they're most likely going to discuss at length during these meetings - such as pay rates, benefits packages/policies (including healthcare), overtime payments, vacation time allotments, etc., which all need careful consideration before making decisions about how much bargaining power you should have or how hard you should push for certain things.

What is a sick leave policy? How many days do you get per year for being off due to illness or injury?

Carpenter’s union vacation policy provides for a minimum of 15 days of vacation, which is accrued at the rate of two hours per day. Employees may also accumulate vacation time up to 30 days by using PTO accrual. Vacation leave must be taken in one-day increments and employees are limited to taking no more than two vacation days in a row.

A union carpenter is entitled to vacation time after completion of six months of employment or five hundred hours, whichever comes first.
The vacation policy provides for up to seventy-two (72) hours off per year at full pay and benefits except that the employer may require employees to take one-third of vacation or vacation time off in each of three increments.

A vacation plan that provides for vacation pay at the rate of one-half (½) day's pay per day taken does not violate this paragraph, provided it ensures an employee will never be entitled to less than two days full vacation benefits after completing six months of employment or five hundred hours whichever comes first.



What is a union vacation fund?

The vacation fund is a pot of money set aside for employees to take vacation time and not have to worry about losing their jobs.

A union vacation fund is also known as vacation time off that an employee has earned through years of employment with the company, usually, after they have worked for six months or five hundred hours, whichever comes first. Union Carpenter Vacation Days

Union carpenters are entitled to vacation after six months or five hundred hours, whichever comes first. The vacation policy provides up to seventy-two (72) hours off per vacation year.

What is vacation pay?

Vacation pay refers to the vacation days of union carpenters are entitled to per vacation year. Union Carpenters have 72 hours off per vacation year which translates into 28 days of work-free time in a vacation year. 

It is important for all union carpenters to understand vacation pay and vacation days before working on a new union job. Union carpenters should be sure to read the vacation policy that is posted on company bulletin boards for details about vacation days and vacation pay.


The average union carpenter in the United States is entitled to ten vacation days per year. This number can vary depending on your company or industry, but this should be a good starting point for understanding how many vacation days you are entitled to as a union carpenter. As always, please consult with your HR department before taking any time off from work and make sure that it's okay with them first!

We hope that we've been able to help answer some of your questions about vacations for union carpenter today and if not- just let us know!



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