How to Pass the Carpenters Union Interview?

Now that you passed your carpenter apprenticeship tests, what happens next is the most crucial - the interview. 

The carpenters’ union interview is just like any other job interview you have had in the past.

It is an important portion of the hiring process to exhibit what you got.

I know the feeling of nervousness sets the first time you hear about your interview schedule.

If you allow your emotion to overcome until the big day, you think irrational and you won’t be able to collect your thoughts to throw a good answer.

Don’t mess this chance of showing the interviewers what you got, prove that you have the ability to work and learn.

To help you, we made this short guide on how to pass the carpenters union interview so that you have a heads-up of what’s going to happen.

Here are some of the tips you can follow to boost your chance of passing the interview.



Tips to Succeed the Interview

  • Some people don’t think that dressing for the occasion matters but I think the opposite. If you’re going for the union interview, dress decently. Don’t come there in casual dress, I know the position is a blue-collar job, but that doesn’t mean you wear casual during the interview. Make a good first impression, dress nicely.

  • If the question requires fact, show a document to back up your answer. For example, if you’re applying for a journeyman, and you are asked about the roles you have handled in the past, present your resume and the respective employment certificates.

  • The nature of the job as a carpenter is physically demanding, hence what the interviewer is looking for is someone who is able to perform strenuous labor in different working conditions. Tell them that you are able to do work at height and not afraid climbing ladders and you are good at working in tight spaces.

  • When the interviewer asks about your past accomplishments, which I think he will and you have to be prepared to answer this, you should be able to throw answers with complete details and give specific examples. But what if you’re a new apprentice and don’t have such experience yet? Then give answers about your previous accomplishments related to the job and the classes you’ve had completed relevant to the position.

  • If you’re applying for the journeyman, expect that technical questions will be thrown at you to test your limit and knowledge since you are eyeing a more mature position. To hand this, be calm and organized, try to spend a little time thinking and arranging your thoughts before giving your answer.

  • Have reliable transportation, have a certification (though it is not mandatory), have a prior construction experience, have a letter of recommendation from a union member, have an OSHA 10 training and First Aid certificate, earning these will surely elevate your chance of getting the thumb’s up and be given positive feedback.

  • Be honest before giving your answers. If you know something, say it, if you don’t, admit it – it is as simple as that. Interviewers can easily know you’re just talking BS, and if they do perceive that you’re lying, you know what the consequence is – a thumb’s down mark. That’s why when answering, be sure that it comes from your heart they’re more likely to understand you.



Possible Questions That Will Be Asked

  • Of all the unions, why you want to join here?
  • Can you tell us more about your experience? Is it more residential or construction?
  • What machineries you are familiar with operating and safety precautions you take?
  • What are some of your qualifications for us to consider?
  • Why should the union consider you for the position?
  • What was your previous experience and are you willing to commit long term?
  • Do you have experience for the position as a carpenter?
  • What do you like about being a carpenter?
  • How informational a blueprint for you?
  • What do you if your co-worker is not taking safety precautions while at work?
  • Do you need any form of license or certification, if so what?
  • How to deal with an emergency situation?
  • How you deal with rude co-workers others?
  • How are you working with others as a team?



What You Need to Bring in the Interview

They will require your high school transcript or GED, resume and references, proof of qualifications and experience, and if you have a document that you’re a graduate of technical school or have completed a carpentry course that would act as a great advantage.

What the interviewers are looking for in a candidate is that they have the technical skills and practical knowledge of being an apprentice. If you’re testing for the journeyman, more documents will be required and the more rigorous the interview will be.

Your experience being a carpenter will be a great advantage to pass the interview and maturity to answer the questions will too.

Has the Carpenters Union Interview Change During this Pandemic

Yes, of course, every aspect of doing business has changed during this pandemic. Virtual interviewing is the new norm to prevent spread of the virus.

The carpenters’ union interview may not be performed face-to-face but through an online meeting, you will be advised about this when you receive your interview notification.

If you’re not used to doing such a thing, what I recommend is to practice your answer and presence.

Listen closely to what the other person is saying since you can’t pick up cues that you might do in a face-to-face interview.

Just like in an in-person interview, sit up straight and pull your shoulders back to posture well so that you can think and that your full face is on the screen. Don’t forget to look straight at the camera.

If you are not used to this, practice by having a virtual conversation with your friends or colleagues. Telling them that you’re preparing for a virtual interview with the carpenters union, and you want to practice. Doing so will gain your confidence and will relieve you from any second thoughts of having a virtual interview.

You will get the result of the interview immediately after it but in most instances, you will get a notification from your mail about the result and that you will be on the waiting-for-job list.



To Make a Finalization

When hiring, the union will look for candidates who have what it takes, in terms of knowledge and experience, to demonstrate the ability to perform the job as a carpenter, the interview is the right occasion to prove your worth.

Pass the carpenters union interview, you be guaranteed of receiving positive feedback about your application.

Prove your willingness to learn, to do what it takes to excel at the job as a carpenter. Prepare well and good luck at your interview.

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