Don’t think union dues an obligation but rather better to call it a responsibility to keep the union running and each and every member protected and in good standing.



If you are union carpenters you know you have to pay it but how much really is the union dues? The dues are just a small percentage of your overall income and to make things fair for every member, a general rule applies – that is if you make less money then you pay less dues.

To translate that into figures, here is an example table comparing an apprentice and journeyman union dues:

Journeyman Apprentice 
1 quarter - $84 First-year: $17-$18 / month
2 quarters - $168 Second-year: $17-$18 / month
3 quarters - $252  Third year: $20 / month 
1 year - $336  Fourth year: $24 / month 
Retired Early Retired
$6 / month or that is $18 / quarter  $17 / month or that is $51 / quarter 


If you notice, a journeyman, who makes more money than an apprentice, has higher dues. And the apprentice who is in the 3rd and 4th year in the program has also higher dues because during these years, the wage increases as well.

The other factor that comes into play affecting how much you would pay is whether you have life insurance or not. If you don’t, then expect to pay the amount stated above; if you do have, then anticipate paying an additional $7.

While it is possible for the union to waive the dues for their members. It is in some circumstances such as by attaining a certain number of years of continuous membership and by being an honorary member.

The carpenters union dues vary from one local to another, so it is much better for you to check in your local to get the most current amount as they may change without prior notice.

Ways You Can Pay Your Dues

The mode of payment you want to choose will primarily depend on your preference. But here are the ways you can pay:

  • Dues can be paid online if you have a debit/credit card which much more convenient way, if you do so, some unions may require you to pay at least three (3) months for this transaction.

  • It can also be paid in cash by personally submitting the payment in the union office.

  • Or through online banking; Paypal can also be used in some unions and there could be a small processing fee.

  • While personal checks and money orders are also accepted.

  • In some states such as Wisconsin, the one-year dues are deducted from the annual vacation check of the member which is good because the member doesn’t have to monitor the payment the whole year.

Please take note that you may be charged an additional fee depending on the mode you want to pay such as online and over-the-phone transactions.

What Happens If You Aren’t Able to Pay Your Union Dues

Whether you’re a journeyman or a carpenter apprentice, you know when to pay the union dues. While many chose to pay 1 year in advance and others pay in a quarter but there could be some members who may fail to settle their union dues on time.

If you don’t pay your union dues or you fall too far behind, there are two possible things that could happen: you would be put on an on-arrear status or get suspended.

If you receive a notice from the union informing you about this, don’t get agitated. You know it’s your fault. What you can do is to settle the amount in the soonest possible time. Think that it is just a small amount and everyone is paying it, so why wouldn’t you.
This is where you make a living. Don’t take the risk of getting suspended with just a small amount, keep your status active by paying the dues on time.



Corresponding Dues of Different Carpenters Unions

  • Carpenters Union Local 217
    Active Journeymen and Apprentices: $216.00 per year
    Early Retiree (under age 65): $177.60 per year
    Retiree (age 65 and up): $72.00 per year

  • Carpenters Union Local 13
    Journeymen: $84/quarter
    Apprentice: 1st Year:$51; 2nd Year:$51; 3rd Year:$60; 4th Year:$72
    Early Retired:$50.40

  • Carpenters Local 322
    Journeyman, Apprentices: $29 monthly
    Early Retired: $16.80 monthly
    Retired: $6 monthly

  • Carpenters Local 59
    Regular members: $31
    Early Retired: $16.80
    Retired dues: $6

  • Carpenters Local 253
    Apprentice - $21.00
    Journeyman - $21.00
    Early-Retired - $16.80
    Retired-65 - $6.00
    Disabled - $6.00
    Honorary: Exempt

  • Carpenters Local 58
    Journeymen: $84
    Apprentice 1st Year: $51
    2nd Year Apprentice: $51
    3rd Year Apprentice: $60
    4th Year Apprentice: $72
    Early Retired: $51
    Retired: $18

  • Carpenters Local 926
    $165 per quarter + a $5.00 credit card/ PayPal processing fee

  • Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters
    $20 a month for automatic deduction
    $25 for non-automatic payment

  • Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters
    Local 1281: $27 per month + $2.00 is added for each month for the processing
    Local 1243: 30 per month + $1.50 per month processing fee
    Local 2520: $26 per month + $1.50 per month processing fee

  • Florida Carpenters Regional Council Local 1809
    Journeyman: $28 monthly
    Apprentice 1-2 year: $21 monthly
    Apprentice 3-4 year: $22.50 monthly
    Early Retired: $19.05
    Retired: $6

  • Central Oregon Carpenters Local Union 271
    Journeyman: $32.00
    Early Retired:$16.80
    Retired: $6.00
    Letter/Late Fee $5.00

  • UBC Local 70
    Members dues are $32
    Early retired dues are $16.80
    Retired dues are $6.00


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