Do Carpenters Need OSHA 10 TrainingThe OSHA 10 Training has been specifically designed for workers especially for those who are in the construction industry such as the carpenters.

When you work in construction, it is imperative that workers must have undergone OSHA 10 Training. This training covers a wide range of topics for carpenters to be familiar with to abate risk and accident in the workplace.



With that being the good reason, it is therefore vital for carpenters to complete this OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry Course as it teaches newbies to stay safe while on the job. Carpenters do need OSHA 10 training.

OSHA does not require carpenters to earn this credential, however, the employer and even the state may ask this as a requirement. As of this writing, the states that require this are Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, West Virginia, and the municipalities of New York City and Philadelphia. If you will be working in this location, please be aware that it is mandatory to complete OSHA 10.

Carpenters unions and training centers conduct such a course, it can be completed in just a day. Please see the list of providers below if you would like to take the program now. Chosen training providers may administer exams to qualify students, if successful, a certificate of completion and plastic wallet-size card will be given at the end of the course.

Please be reminded that the certificate and card don’t have an expiration. But it is the best recommendation to renew the training every 3-4 years to keep up to date with the prevailing OSHA safety regulations.

What Does the OSHA 10 Training Curriculum Contain?

The subjects included in the OSHA 10 training vary by what industry you will be working in as there are two options for this: the general industry and construction industry. Since carpenters work mostly in the latter, the topics covered in this training are the following

• Introduction to OSHA
• Managing safety and health in the workplace
• Importance of wearing personal protective equipment (PPE)
• Risks and hazards in the construction site
• Working in confined spaces
• Working at elevated height and wearing of fall protection
• Using of stairways and ladders
• Fire protection and prevention
• Working in MEWP and scaffolding safety

The subjects covered emphasize hazards identification and mitigating risks as these are important in reducing accidents in the workplace and common violations.



Is It Mandatory for Carpenter to Complete This Training?

Just as mentioned above, OSHA does require carpenters to complete the OSHA 10 training for good safety practice; anyone who wants to work in the construction (and general) industry must take this. Some states and even municipalities mandate workers to take the training prior to working especially in the construction site where there are all sorts of hazards.

Required or not, earning this credential has a lot of benefits - it gives you a solid ground to start and begin your knowledge in workplace safety and it can help establish your credibility to the employer as you’re a safety advocate.

Carpenters who have this credential under their belt have the ability to work more efficiently and are better prepared to work in a hazardous environment. Likewise, job seekers who have OSHA 10 are more likely to be chosen (they won’t need any more training) since hiring managers to know that they don’t have to train them lessening expenditures.

Can You Take the OSHA 10 Training Course Online?

The inception of online training paved the way for students to learn at their own pace. There are training providers that conduct OSHA 10 online training, please see the one below.

What’s good with online training is that it can be taken at the convenience of your home or office at your own pace. Though it is much cheaper as the cost ranges from $70-$125 it is as effective as the in-person training.

The length of the OSHA 10 online training, which is the same as the in-person, is 10 hours hence what it is called. The 10 hours to complete the course doesn’t have to be taken in one sitting. Once you are registered with the online course, you have 3-6 months as the duration to finish all of the topics and modules. Please check with your training provider the duration as it also depends on them.



If You Want To Take the Training, Here are the Providers

  • AdvanceOnline Solutions, Inc.
    866.427.2467, phone 713.952.1100
    Training is given online, students has the option to print the certificate

  • 360training
    (877) 881-2235
    Offers online training, the cost is $54; the provider is accredited by International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)

  • Carpenters JAC of Philadelphia
    10401 Decatur Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154
    Phone: (215) 824-2300, 3) Fax: (215) 824-2313
  • North Atlantic States Carpenters Training Fund
    New England 508-792-5443; New York 631-952-9555
    Training is available online

  • Hawaii Carpenter Apprenticeship and Training Fund
    2040 Lauwiliwili Street, Kapolei, HI 96707
    Phone: (808) 848-0794

  • Florida Carpenters Training Program
    Orlando Training Center
    4700 Distribution Court, Orlando, FL 32822
    Phone: 407-384-1214, Fax: 407-802-1184

  • Carpenters and Joiners Local 445
    314 Pear Street, Scranton, PA 18505
    Phone 570-342-9673, 570-347-5891, Fax: 570-342-3175

  • Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters
    25120 Pacific Hwy S, Suite 200, Kent, WA 98032
    Phone: 253-945-8800

  • Southwest Carpenters Training Fund
    3900 Pan American Freeway, NE #137, Albuquerque, NM
    (505) 268-4396 Phone, (505) 268-4398 Fax
    4747 E. Brundage Lane, Bakersfield, CA
    (661) 323-8759, (661) 401-2100
    7111 Firestone Blvd., Suite #137, Buena Park, CA
    (714) 571-0449, (714) 571-0747
    4290 Holly Street, Denver, CO
    (303) 393-6060, (303) 393-6164
    4245 W. Sunset Road, Las Vegas, NV
    (775) 856-4660, (775) 856-4661



To Finalize This

We cannot deny the importance of completing OSHA 10 training – it is intended to supply carpenters with necessary knowledge about safety in reducing and even eliminating risks in the workplace. It is essential not only for carpenters but all trades working in the construction industry.

If you don’t have this credential yet, it is time to earn OSHA 10. It only takes an amount of time to complete and small money to take out from your pocket, but the benefits are enormous!

Contact one of the providers above or one in your near location. If in-person is not your preferred method, online courses are available, it is convenient and fast.

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