How Much Does Carpentry School Cost?  After putting enough thought and after arriving at a final decision that you want to pursue a career as a carpenter, the next thing would be in your mind is how much does carpentry school cost.



Before we answer that important question so that you can now move on to the next step of your career, please do understand that there are two entry paths you can take to become a carpenter. The first one is by going to a carpentry school and the second option to be an apprentice which is the more common.

If you take the former option, find vocational schools and community colleges in your area that provide such courses, they usually have upcoming schedules. If you take the latter, apprenticeship programs are usually offered by a union or association.

The trail you would like to pursue will determine the cost you will spend in taking the carpentry training. The cost will also be determined by what type of training you want, it could either be a certificate, a degree or an apprenticeship.

To breakdown the cost of each this training type, below are the ballpark figures that you have to be prepared of:



Training Cost of Carpentry Certificate, Degree and Apprenticeship

Before you could delve into this trade, it is better for you to understand that there are choices you can take the program that dictates how much you would pay for the tuition. The program will depend on the skill level and experience you already have, you could take a certificate program, an associate degree or an apprenticeship course. Below is the estimated cost of taking each program.

Certificate Program

If you want to become a carpenter, you need to start somewhere just like any other trades. Many started by taking a certificate program to get a feel of what the trade is about.

A typical certificate program can be completed in just a year or less. Being the shortest training period to complete, it costs much cheaper as well.

A carpentry certificate could cost you around $1,000 up to $7,000 to enroll in a course.

Such a program is being offered by a technical school or community college. If you would like to find a school where you can enroll at, we prepared a directory of carpentry schools categorized by state, just click your state in the navigational menu.

In such program, you will learn the skills needed to work as a trained carpenter, you will do duties such as installing of fixtures, repair structures, finishing, roofing, remodeling, basic woodworking, calculation and measurement, blueprint reading, plan drafting, etc. You will learn techniques to solve various problems in order to finish a successful project.

Completion of such a program provides you with the technical skills and practical experience needed to become an entry-level carpenter.

Associate Degree

In an associate’s degree in carpentry, it could take you around two and half a year to complete it. It is intended for those individuals who plan to work in the construction industry as a carpenter or as a helper. Taking the associate degree will prepare you to get an entry-level job as a carpenter, remodeler or as a woodworker.

You will learn the fundamentals of estimating construction cost, project management, project scheduling, supervision and skill enhancement.

The cost of taking such a program is somewhere around $5,000 up to $18,000.

If you are working as a carpenter in the construction industry and you plan to make career advancement, this degree is ideal to take.

If you plan to take this, there are community colleges and private training providers where you enroll in the course. You just have to do some research by making an inquiry at the nearest school.

Apprenticeship Course

To give you a better understanding of the apprenticeship program is about, it is a combination of being on the actual job while working with skilled professionals and structured learning courses. You could find a local union or a trade group just nearby offering such course, other vocational schools also provide the apprenticeship.

The carpentry apprenticeship program will last for about 3 to 4 years. You could be accepted in the program without paying any tuition, you just have to be lucky enough to find a union or provider with free admission.

Apprentices are paid during the training duration which a great opportunity while learning the trade at the same time making a living.

If you graduated from the course you will earn the title of being a journeyman. The future is much brighter for you. You could work with anyone you want.



Other Miscellaneous Costs You Have to Pay

Licensing and registration fees could cost around $5,000. The cost of room and board will depend on the institution and if you’re staying in or not. Other training materials, book and supplies could also add up. Not to mention that PPEs, uniforms and tools could add up also to the cost.

Please do keep in mind that the costs mentioned above are just estimates. Going to a carpentry school could cost cheaper.

Many students are worried about the money they will have to spend. If I were in your position, I would be bothered also because those figures are serious money that could burn a big hole in your pocket.

To reduce the costs, there are ways to do to pay for it.

Ways to Pay for the Carpentry School Cost

Now, that you know how much you would spend taking a carpentry training course, you might be wondering where on earth you can get that money. There are ways you can do to defray the cost of the training or reduce the tuition. Below are some ways you can do:

  • To lower the expenses in taking a carpentry training course, you can avail a financial aid. Do make an inquiry with your chosen school about the scholarship or grant you can apply and be eligible for.

  • You can also apply for a student loan and have a part-time job to fund your training in the carpentry school and to pay for the other costs.

  • You have the option to pay in full which you might be entitled for a discount. If you cannot pay the tuition in full, avail the school’s monthly payment plans, if there’s such.

  • Referral bonusses are also a great way to earn some money by bringing your colleagues.

  • If the carpentry school finds out that it is hard for you to pay for the tuition, don’t be afraid to talk to them, they will offer options for reducing the cost.

Please do remember that school tuition increases every year so the ways to save money above will be helpful in finishing the full course.

There are many ways available to pay for the school cost. You just to choose which option will work best for your financial status.


Criteria in Choosing a Carpentry School Where You Want to Take the Training At?

  • Find a community college with carpentry training that offers a work-study program, it provides you the best opportunity in earning some cash in exchange for assistance in paying the school tuition and training-related expenses.

  • Find a carpentry school that provides career guidance. Some community colleges may offer such assistance for graduates seeking immediate employment.

  • A certificate program can be a great way to start this career. But why not take a diploma or undergraduate degree as an initial step towards to becoming a trained carpenter. Doing so will provide you with a broader employment opportunity. Find a school that offer a diploma or a degree in carpentry.

  • Learning the trade online can be an efficient way. There are some carpentry school that offer such a method. If you think, online learning suits you, find a school on the internet by doing a google search. But I do not recommend such a learning method as you would not get real life experience compared to the actual class.

  • The tuition increases every year, that’s a fact of life as a student. You may find yourself in enormous debt when you are still at the school. Prior to enrolling, find a school that guarantees no tuition increase or in as much as possible choose the one with a minimal tuition increase.

  • Find a school that offers job placement assistance. It is a great way of getting a job immediately after completing the course with them.



Do Carpenters Make Good Money?

You now know how much is the carpentry school cost, you might be thinking, can you recuperate the investment?

If you are wondering how much do carpenters earn? Well, according to the latest January 29, 2019 report of, the average salary of a carpenter is $54,532. It ranges from $47,092 and $62,851 depending on other factors such as the city/state where you are working in and education and experience you have as a carpenter. With the salary being said, you can easily recover the money you will spend for going to the carpentry school in just months of working.

I don’t have to tell you also, being a carpenter is one of the in-demand trades you can get into, you’ll have a good future being a carpenter in the next coming years. Baby boomers are retiring there will be a shortage of experienced carpenters especially in the construction industry where most jobs are available.

To Make A Conclusion

Getting the right education may put a burden on your pocket but it is an investment that is worth taking. If you are interested in becoming a carpenter, take the first step by knowing how much does the carpentry school cost.

Doing so will give you the sneak peek of how much you would spend in completing a carpentry course. With the figures above, you now know what would be your financial situation during the training days so that you can be prepared.

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