Attending a school prepares you to gain the necessary skills and experience to get a lucrative career in this ever-growing industry. In this article, I’d like to give you an overview of choosing a carpenters training center where you can take the course. Here are some of the criteria:



  • You have several choices to become a carpenter – you can either finish a certificate program which is the shortest training you can take or you can complete a degree or associate program that extends through several years. If you have to choose a carpenters training center, choose the one that accepts credits from certificate program so that if you plan to extend your education to associate or degree, your completed certificate program can be credited.

  • Find a community college in your area that offers such a degree or program. They usually offer a tuition discount for local residents which can greatly help you in paying the tuition fee.

  • Find a school that provides help in career preparation. Some training centers will offer assistance on career guidance for their graduates, from writing a good resume to preparing for an interview, they may even provide employment assistance.

  • Find a school that meets all your requirements. It is a good move to look into several training centers and inquire about their programs. Do they meet all your requirements? They usually have a representative who is ready to talk to an applicant like you.

  • Ask your friends. Talk with your colleagues who are already working as a carpenter and ask about their opinions for a particular training center you are considering. When you find the school, be ready to submit registration requirements.

  • Small number of students in the class. Enrolling in a class in fewer students means that each one is getting the attention of the instructor. In this way, students tend to perform better and learn faster.

  • With modern training facilities. The training facility is an integral part of the conditions of learning. It contributes to the acquisition of knowledge by the students. With modern training facility, you are assured also that the instructor is an expert and that they teach current carpentry techniques. To make sure the school has such a facility, pay a visit to the school’s premise, and make an observation.

  • With good credential and reputation. People need information in order to decide which school they want to go into. The first thing they do is to discover how reputable the school they’re considering. And you should do the same. Reputable school tends to produce quality graduates.

  • Offers discount and flexible payment options. We all know that taking carpentry training is heavy in the pocket. To make paying a breeze, choose a carpentry training center that offers discounts and flexible payment options to students.



Why Consider Going to Carpenter Trade School

If you want to learn carpentry, the school puts you in the training straight away with comprehensive classroom lectures and thorough practical application unlike going to a college program that takes years before you begin the discipline you want to study. The classes are given by experts with extensive knowledge and experience, you won’t waste time learning the different techniques of carpentry.

Going to a carpentry trade school is the fastest way to learn the craft since the program is much shorter compared to getting a college degree. Graduates from these trade schools make as much money as those who have a 4-year degree, plus the fact that you don’t have a big obligation to pay for a student loan.

Apprenticeship Union vs. Carpenters Training Center: Which One Would You Choose?

Would you go straight becoming a carpenter apprentice or begin by getting an initial education? This is sometimes the thing you begin wondering.

Most people I know started from taking a class first and then advance to being a carpenter apprentice. I am not suggesting that this is also the path you should follow but rather if you think you have the advantage of being an apprentice right away then you may do so and grab the opportunity.

Although both routes will provide students with comprehensive classroom training and practical application it would be better to have the initial skill and knowledge before entering the workforce as an apprentice. This is the main reason why I recommend to you joining carpenters training center first and complete the course there.

Either option will put on the path of apprenticeship. If you’ve graduated as an apprentice, which usually takes about 3-4 years to complete, you will earn the journeyman certification. The apprenticeship program is usually sponsored by a trade group, contractor association or union.

If you come into this program, it is not just a job you should do, but a career that can last through the lifetime as the carpentry trade is not something that will cease to exist just like the other trades.


How Much Will It Cost You Going to a Carpenter Training School?

Now that you’ve made up your mind that going to a training center is the path you want to follow, the next big thing that might be circling your mind right now is how much will it cost you taking the class.

To answer that question, a typical carpentry class is in the ballpark figure of $10,000 but it typically costs between $5,000 to $25,000 depending on the type and comprehensiveness of the course. Some schools include the cost of board, supplies and books in the tuition while others may not.

I know it is serious money to spend. To greatly help you pay for the tuition, you may avail a scholarship, grant or financial aid, you may inquire with the school representative if you’re qualified and on how you can avail this assistance. Many students I know have considerably reduced their expenses on tuition by availing such benefits.

If you plan to take the carpentry class at a community college of your state of residence, you can even greatly benefit from this as they may give the class at a very discounted price or at no cost at all. Again, talk to someone from the community college if their carpentry classes are ongoing and how you can avail their discounts.

I would like to reiterate that going to a carpenters training center may not be the best option towards getting a career as a carpenter, because being an apprentice is the common path to learn carpentry.



To Wrap This

If you are really passionate about becoming a carpenter, you should be looking out getting the education first and then advance to be an apprentice. You can get your initial education by taking a class at a carpenters training center of your choice. Don’t commit a mistake in selecting a training center as we laid down the criteria above.

You won’t regret your decision as carpenters always have an advantage in terms of career growth in the construction industry, the sector mostly in demand of such talent. You can also be a general foreman, a supervisor or even a contractor the longer you’re in this field.



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