Some of you may have reservations about working as a union carpenter. However, you should be aware that joining the union will provide you with fantastic advantages and perks that will encourage you to join.

You could be wondering right now if it's worth it to join because you've heard rumors that there would be unfairness, many disadvantages, or unfavorable feedback if you do. But, of course, none of these theories are correct. It depends on how a person views and values work ethic, but being a union carpenter is worthwhile if you want to ensure your safety and earn more experience.

Being a union member is more than the job itself. It will also help you to build a more substantial career.

As I aforementioned, there are significant advantages towards becoming a member of the union, and here are some of the great reasons to join:

  1. Is Being A Union Carpenter Worth ItIt provides additional opportunities to earn consistent and more significant earnings. Nowadays, it is pretty hard to find an employer or close a contract that will make you earn a profit worth the job. Of course, we all want our efforts to be rewarded somehow. One of the most important advantages a union carpenter may have is the assurance to have a stable and a higher possibility to earn steady and high pay.

  2. It could offer you a beneficial bargaining agreement, which will lay out more understandable and favorable terms regarding the job. You will also have a say on what will be in your contract and whatever conditions you want to have. You will not be limited to laying out what you want to include on your terms.

  3. As a member, you will have access to various training opportunities for skill upgrades. This training would greatly assist you in finding suitable employment. It will also help you improve your talents, strengthen your leadership, gain more knowledge, and deal with your professional work. Many different training programs are available, so you won't be limited to enhancing your skills and capabilities. Some training gives certificates to acknowledge your worth and your hard work.

  4. A union ensures that an employer will not abuse you by underpaying you or forcing you to work late. There is a structure in place that will bind you to a job. You have access to a large number of union contractors. Don't be shy in asserting your rights.

  5. Insurance coverage for members and family members. Aside from regular and higher pay, you will also receive benefits, and some unions have insurances that are not only for you but your family will also be covered. You will not be neglected as a member.

  6. Health and medical insurance coverage. Your health comes first at all times. Because it's part of your benefits as a union carpenter, you'll get all the medical attention you need. Your perks and insurances will cover dental, medical, vision, accident, and other health-related treatments. So, there’s no need to worry that you will be taken care of as a union carpenter.

  7. Proper pension plan and benefits upon retirement. When you retire, you can fully be at ease because you are privileged with a monthly benefit that will cover your savings and other finances. You don’t need to be scared or be afraid to retire because you have the assurance that you will be secured.

  8. If you cannot work due to a disability, you will receive your union carpenter benefits. You don’t need to feel wrong about being unable to work because that will not make you less than a person. You are already working hard before, and we all know that you will work hard even more. Disability will not stop you from receiving your perks and privileges as a union carpenter.

It’s not a wrong decision to be a part of a union. Instead, you will gain more than you could ask when you join one. And yes, becoming a union carpenter is worth it. I’ve heard from some people that they hesitated at first to become one, but the moment they took a chance, they realized that they made the best decision in their lives.

We know that the carpentry industry is one of the most in-demand jobs, and it is also risky in many ways. So, it is far better to commit yourself to something that will give you an advantage while working yourself hard and giving all your efforts and time to serve and provide excellent performance for your work.

Being also a union carpenter is not just about stability and high income but as well as learning and gaining more knowledge how to become more successful as a carpenter, also the unity between the members is excellent, the security that it will bring you, and the assurance that no matter what happens you are not alone in whatever battle you will face in the future.

You can always contact your local union if you want to become a union carpenter in your area.

Here are What You Need to Enter the Field

  • First, a passion for carpentry is a must. Your task as a carpenter becomes easy when you enjoy doing it. If it is written in your heart, there are no other means to steal that joy from you neither boredom nor tiredness. Just follow your heart no matter what! And the joy of your heart will flow like a river.

  • Second, you need a high school diploma. This is the bridge for the purpose of refining your skills at apprenticeship. Acquirements of the theoretical skills needed by a carpenter were taught and developed during his/her elementary and high school tenure. Skills developed during those days are important for the apprenticeship. Spatial, numerical, and analytical skills are the main skills developed during those years.

  • Lastly, refine your skills at apprenticeship. Carpenter apprenticeship improves their skills over time through training. It often lasts for about three to four years offered by unions engaged in carpentry. An apprenticeship enables you to learn the basic knowledge in the world of carpentry such as precautions, blueprint reading, and carpentry techniques. On hand, the experience will also be given to apprentices for them to grasp the techniques of crafting. Spatial skills are developed at this stage. In order for a carpenter to be effective, he must develop a capacity to express 2D object 3D representation.

Not only formal schooling and apprenticeship are crucial for developing your skills as a carpenter. You must also have a good and appealing character. A carpenter must be trained to adjust to different working environments and have the ability to comprehend details orientation at all times.

Is Your Job as a Union Carpenter Worth Keeping

We could probably say that being a union carpenter is the best thing you can ever do if you want to enter this field. In terms of monetary reward, your pay increases as you finish every year of the apprenticeship program; and upon becoming a journeyman, you could make 6 figures and no way a non-union employer could match that.

I have worked in union and non-union, and I can confidently say that the union workers have a better and safer working environment because safety and health are given priority on the job.

Every individual in the union has a good work ethic towards their job and attitude in working with colleagues. They don’t leave others behind, if one doesn’t know how to do the job, a more skilled carpenter is ready to help to give assistance – that’s how I feel working in the union.